The Peace Watch widget can be added to any web page, blog or social network. Just click the Get and Share button on the widget for the embed code.
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ABOUT THE PEACE WATCH: The Peace Watch was developed by Earthdance, organizer of the annual peace and music event and synchronized Prayer for Peace held at hundreds of locations worldwide each September celebrating the International Day of Peace. The Peace Watch extends the annual synchronized Prayer for Peace into a daily meditation practice. The Earthdance Peace Watch is currently available as a widget for websites, blogs and social networks, and as an I-Phone app. Other formats forthcoming!
Using The Peace Watch
The Peace Watch widget can be added to any web page, blog or social network. Just click the Get and Share button on the widget for the embed code.

Each day the Peace Watch sets two times for our shared global peace meditation, indicated by the violet dot and the numeric countdown. The synchronized time is shifting forward one hour each 12 hour cycle. It automatically adjusts for time zones so everyone around the world is focusing on peace at the same time.

Alert tones sound 30 minutes and 5 minutes before the meditation, and at the beginning and end of the 7 minute meditation period.

Messages of Peace are displayed below the Peace Watch.

Be On the Peace Watch!: To submit your Message of Peace, enter your name, email and message in the form below. You will be emailed a confirmation that your message was accepted, and it will be posted on the Peace Watch Twitter page and will appear on all versions of the Peace Watch for a period of at least 30 days. Your message is limited to 140 characters. You will also automatically be registered for the Prayer for Peace (and you will be on the Map!).

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The Peace Watch Twitter page - Messages of Peace from around the world.

Peace Watch Meditation Times
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Please connect with our affinity partners who offer their own versions of the Peace Watch. For information on becoming a Peace Watch partner, please email
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Global Coherence Initiative
Peace Day TV
SIT for Change
The World Flag Project
We the World
Citizen Global

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